A Rumor Concerning America
Inspired by the Biblical Book of Obadiah

THERE IS A RUMOR CONCERNING America that her enemies will rise up against her. America will be made small and greatly despised. America's pride deceives her into thinking she is protected and beyond being able to be brought low. Her leaders say in their heart, "Who shall bring me down to the ground?" Though America exalts herself as the eagle, from her high place will God bring her down.

Those nations who America thinks are at peace with her are deceiving her and will help bring her down. Those nations who America helps with food and necessities will help to wound her. America and her leaders are lacking in discernment. This is God's doing because of her sins against Him.

Christianity is no longer the common law of our land. America no longer honors one God above all. Money, materialism, technology, possessions and pleasure have become our gods. The name of God pours from our lips and is made equal to four letter filth words. We love the things of pleasure and convenience more than the things of God. We do not honor our mother and father. We hate and kill, even killing our children before they are born. Adultery, lust, sodomy and pornography are rampant. Stealing and lying permeates all levels of society. Dissatisfaction with what we have and a desire for more than what we can afford consumes us.

These sins are among those that have taken away God's blessings from our nation.
The day of God's judgment is near and America is losing her place as a significant world power.
The days of America's greatness is coming to an end.

I plead with you-- stop doing your sin and return to obeying God through Jesus Christ. Receive His Holy Spirit. Through repentance God will heal America. Our hope is found only in the God who created us, and in trust in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.