Where is America in Prophecy?
in end time prophecy?

The popular teachers (Hitchcock, Hagee, LaHaye, Lindsey, etc.) think that America is not mentioned and most likely is no longer a superpower. That is partially true. The rest of the story is that America has a dominant role in the final end time scenario before it is no longer the dominate superpower.
I am going to add a disclaimer here. This is a much abbreviated post taken from the prophetic/historical timeline already outlined in the Bible. None of the popular prophecy teachers today follow the Biblical prophetic timeline. This timeline has a beginning and an end with a sequence of events moving from beginning to end without our rearranging and would be too long as a post. My goal here is to spark a fresh, more Biblical understanding of America’s role during the end times.

Okay, briefly, very briefly, here’s what the Bible says about America’s place in end time prophecy.

FIRST: Daniel seven identifies four empires (beasts) as animals. Indicating these four empires are known in the last days by their animal identity. These animals are a lion with eagle wings (Great Britain and America); a bear (Russia); a leopard (Islam); and a fourth terrible beast (new world order, global governance).

The identifying characteristics of these empires are they will all be in power at the same time. This is the first time in world history that four empires identified with these animals have been in power all at the same time. It is not a coincidence that Great Britain has the national emblem of a lion, America the emblem of the eagle that separated from the lion, and Islam has the characteristics of the leopard. Also, Daniel seven informs us that God’s people will take the Antichrist’s kingdom from him (including these empires). This can only take place when the world is in its last of the last days.
When we understand this, we know America’s role in the last days is coupled with the destiny of Great Britain, Russia, and Islam for the purpose of moving us toward the next great empire: the realignment of all nations under ten regions known as the fourth terrible beast and new world order. This is the global empire from which the Antichrist will come. Currently America, with Great Britain, Russia, and Islam are setting in place the final infrastructures for the Antichrist to rise to power: realignment of all nations under ten regions, global economy, and a mandated mark as the only way to buy or sell.

SECOND: More specifically America’s role is clarified in Revelation 13:1-2. Notice that the beast (empire) illustrated here has the body of a leopard (Islam), the feet of a bear (Russia), and the mouth of a lion (Great Britain/America). This empire is the same as the fourth terrible empire of Daniel seven. Note that these are the same animals/empires identified in Daniel seven.

Notice that Great Britain with America is the voice of this global beast. The main part of this empire is Islam, as the body. America/Great Britain as the mouth and Russia as the feet are attached to this new world order, indicating that all nations will eventually be part of Islam.

Islam’s global influence has grown since 2001 with 9/11. As the mouth, Great Britain and America sets the agenda and gives leadership to move the world toward the Antichrist’s global government.

Yes, America is a dominant player in the last days. What is outlined here is understood more as the prophetic timeline given in the Bible is understood. The popular teachers are not able to measure if what they believe is true or not because they do not have a truly Biblical timeline to measure what they think is true. If I gave you a list of wars, such as the following, and told you they were in order…

Civil War

American Revolution

World War I

World War II

Vietnam War

…you would immediately know that the American Revolution came before the Civil War.

In the same way, because there is a timeline outlined in the Bible, that doesn’t need you or I to reorder it, we can measure if what we believe about the end times is correct or not. When I ask other teachers how they measure if what they say is correct, they begin to go all over the Bible to convince me that what they believe is true. If we have a timeline from the Bible that doesn’t need us to rearrange and reason it together—and we do—then we can have the assurance of what we believe about the end times is true.

Consider what you believe about the end times, the rapture, the tribulation, the coming of Christ. How do you measure that what you believe is true?

December 2020