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politics not the answer ... mission of the church

 NOW THAT THE DEMOCRATS HAVE lost power in the house and the Tea-Party have shown themselves a viable force on the political stage, many see renewed hope in turning our nation around--but to what?  Do we truly understand the powers at work to...

  1. Merge our economy with the inevitable, unstoppable, global cashless economy?
  2. Merge our government with the emerged global governance, thereby removing our independence, constitutional rule, and government by and for the people?
  3. Merge Christianity into the cesspool of religions where it is one among many without influence and power.

Regardless of who is in power--democrat, republican, conservative, liberal, or other, our nation will continue to be taken down the path of a global economy, global government, and universal religion at the same pace.  We are way too deceived and taken in by the public face and rhetoric of the politician.  They are there to appease you to keep you fighting among yourself on issues that doesn't hinder the global agenda so that you remain blind and unconcerned about the real issues at stake.

Politics is not the answer for making a nation Christian.  It is not the government's responsibility to force their citizens to adhere to a state government, nor is it the people's responsibility to force the government to adhere to Christian principles.  Where is the precedent established in the New Testament?  There is none.  Nowhere do we find Jesus or his disciples turning the world upside down by overtaking the government with Christians and Christian policies.  Didn't Jesus make it clear that we are not called to fight earthly authorities because his kingdom is not of this world? (John 18:36)  Do we have the right to lobby for that which is good?  Of course.  Do we have the right to combine the mission of the church with political aspirations--definitely not.

The mission of the church is not to merge with non-Christians (conservative or other) to make our government conform to Christian values.  Paul asked the question, "What communion has light with darkness?" (2 Corinthians 6:14-18)  The answer of course is absolutely nothing.  If we think our mission is to change the world we are sadly mistaken.  The will of God for the world is for it to grow increasingly evil until the fullness of evil permeates the entire world.  Our mission is to be a witness and to compel as many as possible to quit their sin and prepare for the soon coming kingdom of God.  Imagine if those Christians who put their energies into political battles would put their energies into compelling others toward God, maybe we could also "turn our world upside down."  We are not looking for change in government, but a reversal in people's heart.  We are not looking to win the world for Christ, but to gather the harvest ready to be brought in for Christ.  When Christians in the first century turned their world upside down, they were not overthrowing governments, they were overthrowing people's hearts...in the process, they found themselves in continual conflict with government not bosom buddies finding common ground.  Today we are working hard to overthrow our government with Christianity while the heart's of people remain in captivity:  there is something wrong with that picture.

In light of the darkness described above, we must search ourselves and learn what it truly means to be a Christian powered by the Holy Spirit.  We must learn what it means to forsake all (Luke 14:26-27, 33)and to deny ourselves. (Mark 8:34)  I could certainly give you my ramblings as to what that means, but what good would that really do?  Let the light of the Holy Spirit open your eyes, open your understanding, open your passion, and move you to action.

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Be so much the more, as ye see the day approaching
Copyright November 2010